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Taylor Dancinghands'

Sappy, Slashy Yarns

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Taylor Dancinghands is old style Trekkie from back in the Original Series days, and she 'cut her teeth' on mimeographed fanzines she bought at conventions. She read, in those 'zines, some of the very first Kirk/Spock slash stories and thought them just a little silly, and not really quite in character, either. My, how times have changed.

Her first slash work, "Debriefing" was written out long hand with a fountain pen, (and typed by a very dear friend) and today she often still writes in this manner, but then dictates her writing into the computer with a speak writer. Life really does imitate art.

Likewise, it is because of one of her favorite fandoms, Stargate Atlantis, and her favorite character, the Czech engineer, Radek Zelenka, that Taylor spent 7 years living in Prague, in the Czech Republic. She currently resides in the Washington DC area.

In addition to her fanfic writing, Taylor is currently expending her writing energies on a steampunk series set in Prague, at the start of the 20th Century.

Story Index

The Mystery of the Star's Heart -An SGA/Steampunk AU adventure

In a bygone future that never was, the US Special Projects Bureau's Airship Daedalus carries an expedition to discover the fabled lost city of Atlantis. The expedition's founder is the mysterious heiress Dr Elizabeth Weir, and she has gathered together the world's greatest luminaries (and fierce rivals), Dr Rodney McKay and Dr Radek Zelenka, along with disgraced, lighter-than-air cavalry pilot, Major John Sheppard, hapless but courageous medical researcher Dr Carson Beckett and ex-civil war officer Major Evan Lorne, among others.

Their journey will take them into the depths of the hollow Earth, where they will make new friends and combat new, ancient enemies, as well as familiar, modern ones. Together they will find joy and sorrow, love and friendship, and the adventure of their lives.


Chapter One: In which two reluctant scientists are recruited

Chapter Two: In which McKay and Sheppard undertake an unconventional flight in order to effect a rescue

Chapter Three: In which Our Heroes return to the Daedalus, Major Lorne comes to certain conclusions And Sister Constance is given a position on the expedition

Chapter Four: In which the Hollow Earth is Entered, rather more precipitously than planned


The Last Changeling -a fantasy crossover AU

Rodney McKay is a Changeling: a human kidnapped by fairies and raised by them, in the Fae Realms, while a false duplicate (with a fiery expiration date of ten years) was raised by his parents. Exiled back in the Mortal world at age 14, he eventually comes to find a place at the SGC, inevitably becoming Head of Sciences of the Atlantis Expedition. There a great number of Fae and half Fae find a place, both in the civilian and military ranks, including his head engineer -a full blooded werewolf, the CMO -a 300 year old centaur, and the Military leader of the expedition, who is secretly a vampire.

Unexpected friendships and more are formed, as the expedition discovers the secrets of Atlantis and finds a way to survive and make allies in the distant Pegasus Galaxy.

This is a series in progress, though I have an end point in mind, and promise my readers that I never leave a series unfinished.


Tale the First: Claim
Rodney McKay knew that Radek Zelenka was a werewolf when he hired him, but he didn't know how perfectly they would come to work together, nor just how deep the wolf's devotion ran.

Tale the Second: Revelation
John Sheppard has kept a very dangerous secret about himself for a long time, but when circumstances force its revelation, naturally it is Rodney McKay who is the only witness.

Tale the Third: Protector
Defending his mate from the Wraith during the siege, Radek discovers something about Wolves and Wraith -lore about his own people and their purpose, lost, possibly on purpose, long ago.

Tale the Fourth: New Wings
Major Even Lorne comes to Atlantis, settles in, and learns something unexpected about his CO, and about himself.

Tale the Fifth: Family
Little by little, life on Atlantis forces John to certain uncomfortable conclusions.

Tale the Sixth: Chains
A former teammate gone 'darkside' knows things about how to control Fae folk that most Pegasus natives do not, and this proves to be very bad for Radek, and, surprisingly, for Ronon. The situation forces McKay to desperate actions, and Sheppard to do something he swore he would not.

Tale the Seventh: Consequences
There is one gap remaining to be bridged between our three heroes, and when it is the consequences will entangle an unexpected third party.

Tale the Eighth: Truth
With out heroes scattered, separated and exiled, those who remain do what they can to bring them back, and Rodney McKay forges ahead with a plan no one can quite fathom.

Tale the Ninth: Detente
Now that our heroes are reunited, Carson's trial concluded favorably and the age old exile of Wolves and Vampires from the Realms lifted, a single problem remains: how will our heroes be able to return to Atlantis. Help comes from an unexpected quarter.

Reason Enough
Requiem for a Mimeograph Machine

Summary: In "Last Man" we learn of a sad, alternate future for McKay and Atlantis but only up until the point where he talks to Lorne. What happened when he got to Atlantis to install his hologram program?... and after that?

Spoilers/Season: "Last Man", and everything up to that point in season 4, especially "Travelers" and "Be All My Sins Remembered".

Shockingly, there is no slash in this story, although there is an implication of fake homosexual acts. What is more important, however, is that this is possible the best thing I have ever written. Go and watch "Last Man" again if you have to and then read it, because it's really good.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8


Cave Geeks Small

Clan of the Cave Geeks

~At the dawn of science, technology and human history, two men who will invent the future have yet to discover love.~

This is the AU series that asks the question: What does a bonafide genius do in an era of stone knives and bear skins?

Book One: The Stargazer and the Toolmaker

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Beckett's Rules of Discipline

(series completed)

A series of episode based stories, where Carson and Radek, and then eventually Rodney are in a BDSM relationship. They will follow the series, mostly from late season one (Hot Zone) to mid season two (Grace Under Pressure), and run in sequence, but each should also mostly stand alone.

I Beckett's Gamble

II Beckett's Comforts

III Beckett's Epiphany

IV Beckett's Justice

V Beckett's Reward


Chronicles of a Lonely City

This ongoing series began with a Rodney/Radek first time story, but my fondness for AI characters asserted itself in the third story. The city of Atlantis herself becomes a character at this point, and also becomes a third person in the relationship. This AU will continue to grow as time goes on.


In Extremis

Touch of a Lonely City

Making Love to a Lonely City

What Lies Beyond Hope

By the Waters of Babylon

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